Remote DJ & Production Lessons

1-2-1 Via Video Call

Students of Soundflow Music Academy will get:

• One-to-one tuition

• Opportunities to perform in world renowned venues

• Invites to record label networking events, radio shows and conferences

One to one tuition

Learn from renowned DJ & Producer CASSIMM

Perfect your tracks

Learn how to get signed to big labels

DJ Gigs

Guaranteed DJ gigs in world famous clubs

What We Cover Via Video Lessons:

Music Production

We can share in high definition our screen and audio directly to you, and walk you through production and DJ techniques and theory.


You can send us your stems and watch us mix your track while we explain the steps we're taking along the way.


We can screen share a master session of your track and walk you through every step we're taking to get professional mastering results.

DJ Techniques

We have point of view cameras above our DJ set up, and we can stream directly to your computer and walk you through techniques like we would in person.


We can cover any topic related to using Rekordbox and other DJ programs.

Mix Evaluation

We can listen a mix you have made and analyse it, then show you ways in which you can improve your future mixes.

Artist Development

Learn how to optimise your social media and online presence using marketing tools, and strategic campaigns to maximise the reach of your music.

Career Bulding

Learn how to successfully get work from promoters, record labels and how to start earning a living in the music business.

Become a Soundflow Alumni

All Soundflow Alumni are invited to incredible career building opportunities, such as gigs in Ibiza, Ministry of Sound, Kings Head & guaranteed record label signings (post COVID-19 lockdown).

How Do Remote Lessons Work?

We use state of the art video call software which allows our tutors and yourselves to share the audio and the screen from one computer to the other. In this way, we can see and hear exactly what your working on and visa-versa, and we can tutor you as though we were right next to you in our studio. The program is free and we always call you prior to your lesson to help you get it up and running.

Ableton Live Online

6 x 1 hour lessons, Taught 1-2-1 online
£ 360
  • Initial consultation to set up the video software
  • 1-2-1 with a tutor who specialises in your genre
  • Choose Ableton / Logic / Studio One
  • Choose your own lesson time
  • All lessons recorded and sent to you for revision
  • £££'s off on production software
  • Build your artist profile
  • Release your track on a record label!

DJ Online

6 x 1 hour lessons, Taught 1-2-1 online
£ 360
  • Initial consultation to set up the video software
  • 1-2-1 with a tutor who specialises in your genre
  • Choose Rekordbox / Serato / Traktor
  • Choose your own lesson time
  • All lessons recorded and sent to you for revision
  • Refine your mixing skills
  • Build your artist profile
  • Release your first mix

Artist Development

4 x 1 hour lessons, Taught 1-2-1 online
£ 247
  • Initial consultation to set up zoom
  • 1-2-1 with Francesco Poggi
  • Track Analysis
  • DJ Mix Analysis
  • Online Content Strategy
  • Promotion Strategy
  • Maximising the reach of your mixes and tracks
  • How to get your tracks featured by big DJs
  • Opportunities to perform in Francesco's future events


Most frequent questions and answers

Depending on what your course, you may require some equipment at home as the lessons are taught via video calls. For music production, all you require is a laptop or computer with at least 4GB Ram and an intel i5 or i7 CPU. For the DJ lessons, you would require a DJ controller which can be connected to your computer, if you’re unsure whether you have the right equipment, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

You do not require any previous experience as we can start from the very beginning with our lessons. 

At Soundflow we act similar to a record label for all of our alumni. We help promote your tracks and DJ mixes, we organise gigs all around the world exclusively for you and continue to offer support wherever else we can. 

Absolutely! We have state of the art studios in many UK locations.  You can book one of our normal courses and come learn with us in person in any of the following locations: London, Milton Keynes, Portsmouth, Guildford, Liverpool, Glasgow.

About Our Online


Cassimm is a world famous DJ & Producer. He has toured the world and released music on many renounced labels such as Defected Records and Toolroom and Spinning Records.

Nikos is a veteran teacher. His knowledge is vast and he really understands the best way to interact with students of all ages and levels. He is also the author of the ‘Soundflow Music Academy DJ Handbook’.

Alec Soren has over 10 years of experience working as an audio engineering. Since graduating from Westminster University, he’s worked for big labels such as Pukka Up, Flemcy Music, and Captum Records.

John Climpson specialises in Radio presenting and DJing topics. Along with club performances nationwide and in Ibiza, he is a skilled radio DJ presenting weekly shows for Platinum Radio London and In2Beats FM.

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