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For a limited time only, as an introductory offer to Soundflow Music Academy we are offering new visitors a 1 hour lesson on DJing or music production for only £25.

DJ tuition

We have DJ courses for every level. This includes complete beginner, to professional. They are taught one-to-one. Also, the teachers are professional DJs themselves. This means that you’ll have the most efficient learning experience. You’ll also be learning things that have been tried and tested in the industry.

Beginner to expert in 12 lessons

Want to become an expert DJ in the fastest time possible? The Complete DJ course is the one for you.

It consists of 12 lessons, 2 hours each, done over 12 weeks. It teaches you everything you need to know about the art of DJing and techniques used by top DJs. By the end, you’ll have the ability to perform a set in any situation and seamlessly mix any genre of music.

It’s taught in most of our locations.

Intro to DJing

Want a simple introduction to DJing? Something that makes you competent in just a few lessons? Have a look at the Intro to DJing course.

Other topics and advanced learning

If you’re after something else, have a look at custom lessons. With these, you can learn any DJ topic you’re interested in. This includes advanced techniques like turntabling and scratching. You can even use these to make your own custom course.

Everything else

For more information on all of the tuition we offer, please see the tuition page.

Support with landing your first gig

Landing your first gig is a very important step to being a professional DJ. If you have successfully DJ’d at a venue, other venues are more likely to hire you.

That’s why we provide support and advice to help you land your first DJ gig. This is advice that has helped many of our course graduates become professional DJs and even achieve residencies in famous clubs.

Why learn with Soundflow?

There are many reasons to choose Soundflow as your learning platform.

One-to-one tuition

Whether remote or in the studio, tuition is one-to-one so you can learn learn as fast as possible.

Learn at your own pace

You can schedule lessons at your own pace. There are multiple available timeslots every day of the week, from 10 am to 10 pm.

Track record of taking students from beginner to professional

We've taught hundreds of complete beginners that went on to become professional DJs and music producers. Just see some of the student testimonials!

Learn from seasoned professionals

Our instructors have DJ'd all over the world and have residencies in popular venues such as Ministry of Sound in London. They've produced, mixed and mastered for multiple touring DJs and record labels such as such as Ben Pearce, Holly Tandy, Cassimm and Pollydor.


We offer tuition in our professionally equipped studio in Milton Keynes. We also offer remote tuition.


We offer music production and DJ courses that are taught remotely. They’re done one-to-one with an instructor over video call. Don’t worry, our instructors will help you set up and get connected in the initial consultation.


Zigfrid von Underbelly
Egg London Nightclub
Ministry of Sound
Roadtrip & the workshop
Progbox digital
Flemcy Music
Captum Records
Itaca Ibiza

What our students say

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Frequently asked questions

For the majority of our courses, you don’t need any previous experience with either DJing or production. Some of our advanced courses require previous experience, but they’ll mention that in the course description.

If you’re taking lessons in the studio, then you don’t need any equipment at home.

If you’re taking remote lessons, or want to practice at home, then you’ll need some equipment. For music production, you’ll need a suitable computer. We recommend a laptop or desktop with at least 4GB of RAM and an Intel i5 (or equivalent) processor. For DJing, you’ll also need a DJ controller which can be connected to your computer. If you’re unsure whether you have the right equipment, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

After graduating a course, you’ll get a certificate.

Some of our courses come with additional help. This can include networking events with record labels. It can also include support with landing your first DJ gig.