Soundflow Ibiza tour

Ibiza Tour 2019!

Have you ever dreamt of DJing in Ibiza? If you’re a Soundflow Music Academy alumni, you can!

In June 2019, we are going on tour in Ibiza, Spain. We have arranged DJ gigs for all of our DJ course graduates with the opportunity to DJ in the world’s most famous party island. Performing in Ibiza is the ultimate achievement for any aspiring DJ. All of our alumni who graduate the complete DJ course before June 2019 will be invited to join us. This tour is a great opportunity for gaining online exposure exposure as a DJ/producer which can really help take your career to the next level. We will also be working closely with record labels such as Captum Records and Prog Box Digital to provide many networking opportunities for everyone.

Our events line up so far:

June 11th 9pm to 3am – Pure Ibiza
June 12th – 11pm to 5am – Sankeys Ibiza
June 13th – 2pm to 7:30pm – Ibiza Jet Apartments
June 14th – 6pm to 3am – Ibiza Rocks Bar, San Antonio
June 15th 1pm to 5pm – Ibiza Rocks Bar, San Antonio
June 16th – 1pm to 5pm – Ibiza Rocks Bar, San Antonio
More TBA!

If you would like to DJ in Ibiza with us, get in touch now or book a course here!

Footage of our last venture in Ibiza:

About Soundflow Music Academy

We offer one to one audio engineering, music production & DJ courses. Taught by experienced and accredited tutors in studios utilising only top of the range equipment such as Pioneer CDJ 2000nxs2 and DJM900nxs2.

Our goal is to provide the best possible music production and DJ tuition, as well as incredible real world opportunities for our students such as club gigs, label releases, industry meet ups and more.


If you want to learn how to DJ from scratch or simply hone your skills, you can enrol on the Intro to DJ or Complete DJ course. If you want to learn how to produce music at the highest standard, you can enrol on our Intro to Music ProductionMusic Production & Sound Engineering or the Mixing & Mastering courses!

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