Ibiza tour 1

Ibiza Tour #1

Soundflow Music Academy Graduates got to play one of their first gigs in one of the most icon bars in the world, Itaca in Ibiza! The tour was arranged in conjunction with some of the best London Based record labels such as Flemcy Music and Darkest Before Dawn. Together, we combined to create the brand known as Parasol.

Here is the official movie, showing footage of all the gigs we got to play at during the tour!

Parasol Ibiza Movie 2017

The Official Parasol Ibiza 2017 Movie is HERE!!!!! (Video production credit to: @Natalie Keeney, videos by @Natalie Keeney and JP Lantieri)

Gepostet von Parasol am Donnerstag, 7. September 2017

If you want to start your DJ and Production career and get the chance to play in some of the most famous bars and clubs around the world, as well as receive incredible opportunities such as getting your first track signed to a record label, sign up to one of our courses!


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