All course graduates are guaranteed a gig in our 2020 Ibiza tour!

Course overview

This course will take you from complete beginner, to a professional class DJ.

By the end of the course you can expect to have a complete understanding of most DJ equipment, including industry standard Pioneer CDJs and DJMs.

You will also gain a profound understanding of the art of DJing, be fluent in the techniques and practices used by top DJs, have the ability to perform a set in any situation and seamlessly mix any genre of music.

The Complete DJ

Become a professional DJ
£ 947 12 x 2 hour lessons
  • Start as a complete beginner and become a professional DJ
  • Gain a complete understanding of DJ equipment and software
  • Be able to perform a set in any situation
  • Seemlessly mix any genre of music
  • Guaranteed gigs in some of the world's biggest clubs and festivals
  • Receive your certificate of graduation
  • DJ in IBIZA

Lesson Plan

  1. Complete walkthrough of the industry standard DJ program Rekordbox used by most club DJs. Serato and DJ Pro 2 are also available to learn.
  1. Detailed lessons on how to identify and count beats, bars and phrases which can immediately help you mix tracks at the right time. 
  2. Learn the definition of Tempo/BPM. 
  1. Learn the ins and outs of CDJs, as well as Pioneer mixers and controllers. 
  2. Learn how to connect everything so you are always in control.
  1. Learn about pitch and tempo matching.
  2. Learn how to beatmatch like a pro with in-depth explanations and demonstrations.
  3. Learn every step towards creating a seamlessly smooth transition between tracks.

Mixing tracks harmonically is one of the most powerful mixing techniques. Understand how to mix tracks which are harmonically related can turn a good DJ to a great one, therefore you will learn about Keys and using programs and shortcuts to help you find tracks which are harmonically related.

EQs are a vital part of mixing, and when used well, they can allow you to create mashups on the spot, as well as improve the sound of your transitions drastically. Therefore you will learn the theory behind how EQs work and how they can be used across multiple mix routines.

We’ll teach you how to utilise loops for multiple reasons (ranging from extending tracks to very creative effects).

You’ll learn to set up and use Hot Cues, as well as Hot Cue Banks to create incredible remixes on the spot. There are also various other reasons you can use Hot cues and we will cover them all.

We’ll show you how Beat FX can be used to make a transition sound a lot smoother, or even to add spacial effects to tracks. 

Colour FX are the most commonly used type of effect on a DJ mixer, and you will learn the theory behind how the work, as well as all the different ways you can use them.

You’ll learn multiple different mixing and transitioning routines so you can be ready to mix any genre and any track like a professional.

Many genres of music are more suited to more old school style mixing routines which involve the use of the cross fader, spinbacks and scratching. We cover all of these techniques from the ground up so you can become proficient in using them. 

The final few lessons are focused on ensuring you can put all the skills and theory you have learnt into practice. 

We’ll show you how to use all of the features included in Rekordbox to help you create the best playlists. 

You will record a few DJ mixes and start self promotion on social media and the best DJ platforms. 

We have built a music industry execution plan that has worked for all our students who have seriously put it into action so far. We will walk you through the entire plan and teach you how to begin landing gigs and getting paid as a DJ!

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All locations are equipped with industry-standard and high-end professional equipment

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Alternative Courses

An Introduction to DJing

Begin your DJ journey
£ 319
  • Learn the fundamental skills of DJing + performing
  • Gain an understanding of DJ equipment and software
  • Learn how to DJ live
  • Learn core skills - Beatmatching, beat counting, equalising and basic mixing techniques


Improve your skills
£ 44
  • Custon lessons dictated by you
  • Custom learning plans on the topics of your choice
  • Perfect for those looking to improve in specific areas of DJing

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