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We aim to provide the best DJ and music production tuition available anywhere, and with the most opportunities after graduation.

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The best tuition

Our founder, Nikos, had taken a lot of courses to learn both DJing and music production. He went to some of the most popular independent schools, and also went to university.

Every course was useful, but he found there was a lot of room for improvement.

That’s why he set out to create the music school with the best tuition available anywhere for DJing and music production. At Soundflow Music Academy, we believe we offer the best way to become an expert in your craft, and our students so far agree.

The best opportunities and career boost

At Soundflow Music Academy, we understand that knowing your craft is only half the battle. The second is having the connections to make it in this industry.

That’s why we provide graduate gigs to some of the world’s biggest clubs and festivals. That way you can build up your experience and reputation, and also feel confident DJing in any club around the world.

For music production, we provide networking events, contacts and access to big record labels, to maximise the chance that your track gets released. We also create compilation albums with tracks from graduates (where multiple tracks get signed as an album collectively). That way you can get your foot in the door and have the reputation of already having some signed tracks, helping you with labels in the future.

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Meet Our Team

Nikos Galias / Course Designer & Lead Instructor

Nikos is a veteran teacher. His knowledge is vast and he really understands the best way to interact with students of all ages and levels. Nikos is equally as successful in the music industry as he is a teacher. He has released multiple tracks which have charted in the top 100. He regularly DJs for some of the world’s biggest clubs and brands such as Ministry of Sound, EGG LND, EDEN in Ibiza & Pukka Up. He also works as an audio engineer with notable projects such as working with Mike Senior, Bob Holroyd & X-factor finalist Holly Tandy,

Will Calvin / DJ & Music Production Course Instructor & Developer

Will Calvin (aka, CALV) is a DJ / Producer who was trained to the highest of standards. He is an expert in audio theory, engineering and mastering music. He has co-developed courses which are taught in schools around the UK. He is also very accomplished in the music industry. In 2019 alone, he played globally-renowned mega-clubs Eden and Es Paradis during a summer tour of Ibiza, and made a successful debut at Ministry of Sound in London.

Alec Soren / DJ & Music Production Course Instructor & Developer

Alec Soren has over 10 years of experience working as an audio engineering. He received his music technology qualification from Westminster University. Since graduating, he has worked as a professional audio engineer, remixer and mastering engineer for big brands such as Pukka Up, Flemcy Music and most recently, his own record label, Captum Records.

Sam Irons / DJ Course Instructor

2018 Winner of one of the UK's largest DJ competitions (ANHP Competition). Sam Irons is an highly experienced DJ with a vast amount of knowledge. He is a resident for one of the UK's largest events brand (HPEE), and has DJed all over the world. He's not always available for lessons due to his busy schedule, but we are proud to call him a member of our team and to be able to offer his knowledge and experience to our students.

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Soundflow Academy can be found at multiple locations across the UK.

All locations are equipped with industry-standard and high-end professional equipment

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