About Soundflow

Providing tuition and career opportunities for DJs and music producers.

Our mission

We aim to provide the best DJ and music production tuition available anywhere and with the most opportunities after graduation.

The best tuition

Getting started is difficult. You need to watch out for bad courses. They are ineffective (and expensive). We’ve had many students that came to us after completing other courses first, but feeling like they needed more.

This is the main reason why we created Soundflow. We want to provide you with the best and most effective tuition available. We want to take you from beginner to professional as soon as possible and in the most effective way.

The best opportunities and career boost

Making it in the music industry is very difficult. Particularly, landing your first gig or record deal is the most difficult. After that, it gets much easier.

That’s why at Soundflow, we help jump-start your career by giving you opportunities like these.

For DJing, you get support and advice to help you land your first DJ gig. This is advice that has helped many of our course graduates become professional DJs and even achieve residencies in famous clubs.

For music production, we provide networking events and contacts with big record labels. These connections help a lot. We also create compilation albums with tracks from our students (we get your track signed). That way, you get your foot in the door and have the reputation of already having some signed tracks.

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Our team

Our team is consists of professional DJs and music producers.
Nikos Galias

Nikos Galias

Course designer & lead instructor

Nikos is a veteran teacher. He really understands the best way to interact with students of all ages and levels.

Nikos regularly DJs for some of the world’s biggest clubs and brands such as Ministry of Sound, EGG LND, EDEN in Ibiza & Pukka Up.

He’s also released multiple tracks which have charted in the Beatport top 100. He’s worked with big names such as Mike Senior, Bob Holroyd and X-factor finalist Holly Tandy,

Alec Soren

Alec Soren

Music production instructor

Teaches in Milton Keynes and remotely

Alec Soren has over 10 years of experience working as an audio engineer. He received his music technology qualification from Westminster University. Since then, he’s worked as a professional audio engineer, remixer and mastering engineer for big brands such as Pukka Up, Flemcy Music and most recently, his own record label, Captum Records.


Masterclass instructor

CASSIMM is a world famous DJ and producer. He’s released multiple #1 dance tracks and has been signed to Spinning, Defected, Armada and Toolroom records!

John Climpson

John Climpson

DJ & music production instructor

Former Army Captain John Climpson is a very talented multi-genre DJ tutor. Along with club performances nationwide and in Ibiza, he is a skilled radio DJ presenting weekly shows for Platinum Radio London and In2Beats FM.


We offer tuition in our professionally equipped studio in Milton Keynes. We also offer remote tuition.


We offer music production and DJ courses that are taught remotely. They’re done one-to-one with an instructor over video call. Don’t worry, our instructors will help you set up and get connected in the initial consultation.

Student testimonials

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Ministry of Sound
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