Ableton Live 10 Video Course FREE!

We wanted to do our part and help you during this difficult time of isolation. So, we decided to start releasing our video courses which are normally exclusively for our students, available for everyone to watch.

Our Ableton Live 10 videos will take you through the program and the fundamentals of production in extreme detail, so even if you’re a complete beginner, you will easily be able to follow along and start making your own music.

Alongside these videos, we are also offering remote DJ & production lessons taught 1-2-1 using video and screen sharing software. We’ll be able to hear and see everything you’re doing and visa-versa so we can guide you as we would in person. We’ll call you before your first lesson to help you set everything up and make sure it’s running smoothly. Find out more on the link below!

Watch Ableton Live 10 Full Course – Part 1 below:

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