Beatport 3

#32 on Beatport!

Prog Box Digital is a successful record label that has partnered with us to help bring new talent through our school to the music scene. We’ve also teamed up to train up-and-coming DJs and Producers through Soundflow Music Academy to help hone their skills so that they are at the same level as the top quality producers Prog Box Digital has signed on their label.

Their latest release by Jack Lane just reached #32 on the Psy Trance top 100 releases on Beatport! Their continuous chart topping music releases is a testament to the quality of producers and DJs they have signed under their label, and I highly recommend you follow them and check out their music if you are a fan of Progressive Psy Trance!

Follow them and support them on the link below!

Prog Box Facebook
Prog Box Soundcloud
Prog Box Beatport

Buy Track – Jack Lane – Can’t Look Away EP

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