Want to DJ at a Festival this Summer?


Soundflow Music Academy is hosting the Main Stage at the London 9S Music Festival on the 21st July! With over 1000 tickets sold already, this festival is going to be amazing. Everyone who enrols onto the Complete DJ Course by April is guaranteed a DJ slot at the main Stage! Playing at this festival will be a great … Read moreWant to DJ at a Festival this Summer?

Beatmatching Basics Part 2: Understanding Beats, Bars & Phrases

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Beatmatching Basics Part 2: Understanding Beats, Bars & Phrases Click Here for part 1 incase you missed it! “Beats and Bars are how a piece of music is divided in musical terms.” Beats What are beats (no, not the headphones!)? Say we selected a track and loaded it in a DJ deck. Let’s imagine that … Read moreBeatmatching Basics Part 2: Understanding Beats, Bars & Phrases

Audio Interface Guide!

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Audio Interfaces… Audio interfaces are the link between the analogue and the digital world. They allow you to connect professional monitor speakers to your production setup so you can hear what you’re producing with great detail. They are also the interlink between microphones, outboard equipment and your computer. So if you are into recording instruments … Read moreAudio Interface Guide!

Studio Monitors You Ask?

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Studio Monitors… We did tons of research and tried out as many monitors as we could so we could find the best currently available at each price point. Regardless of your budget, you can’t go wrong with getting any of the monitors listed here, but of course the higher the price the better the quality. … Read moreStudio Monitors You Ask?

DJ Equipment Buyer’s Guide!

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DJ Equipment Buyer’s Guide DJing doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby. To get set up and started you only need a controller and a laptop. But the higher your budget, the higher the quality of the equipment you can buy. In this section of the guide I’ll point out the best options for DJ … Read moreDJ Equipment Buyer’s Guide!

DJ & Production Headphones – All Questions Answered!

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Headphones… When you’re buying headphones for DJing or music production, you need to look for different things compared to normal headphones. Depending on what you’ll use them for, they may need to have a completely flat frequency response, they may need to be open back for a better soundstage, or isolate the sound very well … Read moreDJ & Production Headphones – All Questions Answered!

Mixing 101 – Gain Staging!

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Gain Staging… Correct gain staging means setting up ideal audio levels throughout every stage of the production (recording, producing, mixing). There are a few reasons why you want to do this. Prevents accidental clipping.  Ensures you’ll always have sufficient headroom at the end of your mix (which all mastering engineers require).  Analog modelled plugins will work at … Read moreMixing 101 – Gain Staging!

Burning Mountain Pre Party!!!

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Partners of Soundflow Music Academy ‘Prog Box Digital’ are hosting the Burning Mountain Festival Pre Party! The pre party will feature some of the biggest names in Progressive Psy-Trace, as well as the top Prog Box Digital DJs such as Cript and Jack Lane. With over 500 people already signed up as ‘Interested’ or ‘Going’ … Read moreBurning Mountain Pre Party!!!

Soundflow Graduate Chart at #14!

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Flemcy Music’s latest release is a deep progressive house track by JP Lantieri and an incredible deep house remix by SFMA alumni Alec Soren. ‘Shiraz’ has just reached number 14 on the progressive house charts and number 28 on the deep house charts on Beatport. We’re very proud to regularly collaborate Flemcy Music and we … Read moreSoundflow Graduate Chart at #14!

Beatport Charts X 2!

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Soundflow music production graduate Anthony Francis has reached the Beatport top 100 charts with two of his track releases so far. ‘Humanism’ and ‘Yes Yes Ya’ll’ are two energetic Tech House tracks, and they were released on Darkest Before Dawn Records (a Soudnflow Music Academy partner), and since then he has gone on to DJ … Read moreBeatport Charts X 2!

Beatport Charts #17!

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Soundflow music production graduate Alec Soren has reached number 17 on the Progressive House Beatport charts for his latest track release ‘Skyfall’. The track was released on veteran record label and associates of ours ‘Flemcy Music’. If you want to learn how to produce music at a professional level, and get chances to have your … Read moreBeatport Charts #17!